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My name is Aditya and I am Creator of Universal™ and Developer. I made this bot for protecting discord servers from being destroyed, Universal™ will surely help you protect your server.

Reasons For Inviting Us

We are one of the most advanced bot in protecting servers from hackers and bad people of discord and or bad bots, Universal™ is focused on protection, of your server with ease of setup.

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Using Universal™ is very easy and secured, Just give Universal™ highest role possible and whitelist only trusted people and bots using >wl @user command..

Even people with Admin perms will not be pardoned if they break any rule if they are not whitelisted, Rules are Inviting another bot, creating channel or deleting them, making webhooks, banning or kicking members and giving admin perms to normal users.


Universal™ is currently one the most Anti-nuke bot at Discord. with ease of use/setup..
Universal™ features include:

  • + Anti-nuke anti-ban, anti-kick, anti-channel create/delete
  • + Anti-webhook/Anti-botinvite
  • + Easy setup just whitelist trusted users
  • + Ignore non whitelisted users even if they have admin perms
  • + And much more


List of commands of the bot you need for basic setup...

>helpUse this for
>setupUse this for
server setup
>whitelist or >wlUse this for
whitelisting trusted people and bots only.
>unwhitelistUse this for
unwhitelisting users and bots
>logUse this for
getting Universal™ server logs
>prefixUse this for
custom prefix
>antiinvite onUse this for
Enabling anti-invite
>antiinvite offUse this for
turning anti-invite off


  • Price: 2$
  • Product: Universal™ Premium
  • Get: Many extra features with custom commands as per your request with premium support.

Premium ++


Join us on discord if you have any question or you are stuck or not able to use bot, We will be happy to assist you :)

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Thanks for using Universal™ Bot :)
Your Support matters a lot to us ❤ If you like Universal™ Try Universal™ Premium/Premium ++ you will surely love it..